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Expats driving training in Bennekom

Are you an expat living in Bennekom, and tired of taking public transport to work every day? Would you rather skip the busy train and bus stations and get to work by car? Driving on the Dutch roads can be a daunting task for foreign expats. Luckily, Rijzeker Nederland is here to help! We offer driving training for expats in Bennekom, and give you the confidence to drive on Dutch roads.

Dutch traffic

Getting a Dutch driver’s license

In most cases, you are able to use your home driving license when visiting the Netherlands from a foreign country. When you are staying in the Netherlands for a longer period of a time, for example as an expat, it is often necessary to get a Dutch driver’s license. Even though licenses from the EU are always valid, licenses from outside the EU expire after six months. Therefore you will have to get a Dutch license, and take driving lessons in Bennekom.

Driving on Dutch roads

An expiring foreign driver’s license is not the only valid reason expats take driving training in Bennekom, though. As we’ve said before, driving in a new country can be a daunting task. Both the implicit and explicit driving rules in the Netherlands might be different from what you’re used to. For example, do you know everything about:

  • All the Dutch traffic signs
  • Sharing the road with people riding on bicycles
  • Speed limits
  • The use of headlights
  • Speed cameras, traps and Dutch police vehicles

Rijzeker Nederland takes away these insecurities by adapting our driving lessons in Bennekom for expats.

What Rijzeker Nederland has to offer

What exactly does Rijzeker Nederland have to offer? We offer personal coaching and driving training for expats in Bennekom. Under our guidance, expats will receive driving training to make them feel more at home on the Dutch roads. We will cover the rules, as well as proper road behaviour. The driving lessons in Bennekom will take place in a car equipped with an automatic transmission. In case you are looking for driving training in a car with manual transmission, than this can also be arranged.

Driving lessons in Bennekom

Are you an expat looking for driving lessons in Bennekom? Contact Rijzeker Nederland for expat driving training! Fill in the form here on our site, contact us by phone (06-37171559 or send an e-mail to Rijzeker Nederland offers excellent driving training for expats in Bennekom!

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