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Expats getting used to Dutch traffic

Being an expat and living or working in or around Almere you have to get used to the traffic here. Traffic is made up by people and they have a mentality and behaviour that is particular for the area, in this case Almere. And whatever your experience is, it wil take time and understanding to get used to the driving in towns as Almere.

Dutch traffic Almere

Driving lessons from an ex ADI

Getting used to the Dutch traffic can be a proces which can give you lots of tension or even fright and close escapes from accidents. This is where I can help you. As an ex ADI, an Approved Driving Instructor in England I can understand the overwhelming effect that the Almere traffic can have on you as an expat.

Get in touch for coaching sessions

Under my coaching you will learn how the traffic works, what to expect and how to behave on the road. In a couple of sessions you will feel much more at home in the Almere traffic and learn to drive from home to work an visa versa. This training will happen in a car with dual controle so I can help you and interfere if needed. The car will be an automatic but if you want a manual car to train in it can be arranged.

Hope to meet you soon and help you to deal with the Almere traffic.

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