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Driving in the Dutch traffic

A training for expats

The new arriving expats often over estimate their ability to deal with the Dutch traffic.
As expats often get a company car soon after their arrival this might result in quite a lot of small but often rather costly accidents. And this leads to higher charges by the car lease companies.

We offer a special training for expats; An introduction to the Dutch traffic (the survival guide for expats).

The training consists of:


  • A short explanation of the traffic rules and sign. With special attention for priority and how to deal with trams and cyclist. And how to behaven on roundabouts and motorway’s ( highway’s).


  • An assesment of their driving style.
  • Practical training on roundabouts, motorway’s and other traffic situations.
  • Training in parking. After the training an evaluation and if suggestions how and what to improve will be given to the expat. A rapport will be send to the HR department of the company and on request a certificate of participation to “Dutch Driving Training” can be issued.
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